Trailer: A Sneak Peek Preview of The Omaha Podcast

Trailer: A Sneak Peek Preview of The Omaha Podcast


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Hello, and welcome to a special sneak peek episode of the Omaha Podcast, which premieres this September. I’m Matt Tompkins and I’ll be hosting right alongside Joseph Kinney and Christopher Slater. With new episodes dropping every week on Mondays and Wednesdays. So what is the Omaha Podcast? This podcast is a community to help entrepreneurs just like you find success right here in Omaha, Nebraska. In every episode, we’ll learn what has made these local businesses thrive. How did they build their success? And what lessons did they learn along the way? What did their successes teach them? And perhaps more importantly, what did they learn from their failures? We’ll hear these stories directly from the Omaha business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to help you create your own success story. So enjoy this sneak peek episode, reach out to us directly on your social channel of choice, and join us this September for episode one of the Omaha Podcast.

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How would you describe Master’s Hand to somebody who’s never been there?

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Okay, well, our tagline is “Every woman’s dream shop”, and it is definitely every woman’s dream shop, but it’s also every man’s dream shop when he’s in the doghouse. But you’re never in the doghouse.

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I’ll keep talking.



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And so what we have is we have a flower shop. We started actually making candles, and so we have a candle factory there. We have a flower shop, a chocolate factory, a bakery, and a gift shop with a lot of ladies things, all the things that the girls love. And then we also have a tearoomeatery. And so that’s Master’s Hand.

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No. I always told my kids, I tell all my girls, you don’t quit when it’s hard.



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You don’t quit when you’re tired. You don’t quit when you want to quit. You quit when it’s time and you know it. And there’s been some hard times for me sure, this year that it’s like, Man, I just want to quit. But it’s not no, you don’t quit. You don’t quit when it’s hard. You just keep going because you don’t know at the other end of that when it’s going to come together. And you’ve been a great encourager for.

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Me in that area, and you’ve been fearless, absolutely fearless. And that’s where a lot of people, I think, fold well, I think they fold to fear.

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I’ve been real. If you’ve watched me the last two.

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Years on social media, I’ve been real.

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Today we have Kenzie with Ginger Chick Fit. Welcome, Kenzie. How are you?

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Hi, I’m good. Thank you for having me.

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Good, we’re glad to have you as well. And you recently launched an athletic wear line for women empower uplift encouragement. Yeah. That’s terrific. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the brand?

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Perfect. So Ginger Chick Fit was designed for women of any background, any walk of life, really, for any woman on the planet. And so our whole motto is to encourage empower uplift women. And I want to create a community of ladies who are out there encouraging each other, empowering each other, uplifting each other. Hence the motto encouraging power uplift. I already knew that the quality of the clothing was going to be good, because the person that makes my clothes are the same people that make every other clothing in the marketplace that people I see in the gym wear every single day, which is why I knew when I launched this, it had to be more than just clothing, because what separates myself? And that’s the question I asked early on. What separates me and my brand from all the other brands out there?

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What is it?

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Why the message? The encourage, the empower, the uplift, the creating a community of women that are out there uplifting each other and praising each other for doing whatever they’re passionate about.

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So, Dustin, a lot of people are familiar with chiropractic care, but what makes New Spine different? It’s a good question. Man the biggest differentiators for new spine in the Chiropractic space is seven days a week. Second biggest thing, no appointments necessary. You sleep wrong, you hurt yourself on the weekends. You can come on the weekend, weekends, evenings, lunch time, whatever works for you. The third biggest thing is we have four hydrotherapy massage tables in our clinic. I haven’t found four of these things in the city. We’ve got four in a clinic. So Joe and I both visited recently, had an opportunity to lay on the hydrotherapy bed. I got two sessions. I don’t know about you.

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Yeah, they actually stopped Christopher when he asked for a third session. They said, Sorry, sir, if you were.

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So loud, you have to be in your back.

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April I’ve followed your career for some time now, and a couple of years ago, it seemed like something really clipped for you as a business owner and for your team.

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I drowned in my first couple of years of real estate. After my first year, I had done 42 transactions, about 9 million in volume. And I almost quit because it was so transactional. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was so drowning in that business. And really into my second and third year, I started to realize my family’s hurting. How can I involve my family and what I’m doing? How can I create this kind of package where I can present my job from a level of I’m going to take care of what’s important to me while taking care of the people who are trusting me to take care of them? And that’s really where I started to get involved with coaches, get involved with different people who are able to form this basis of approach things from a level of family, approach things from a level of trust, and you’ll be able to balance your work and your professional and your family life. And that’s where this format of the team started to really build, started to bring in people that could support us on the back end from administrative positions and from TC positions and really be able to affect other people’s lives while trying to build up this big team.

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Today we have Sarah Sabalaskis, fashion blogger to the stars. Sarah has an extraordinary knack for keeping up on fashion trends. She’s a brilliant writer and has grown a massive Instagram account. Welcome. Sarah. How are you?

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Good, how are you? Good, thank you for having me.

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Yes, we’re happy to have you. And Christopher loves staying up to date on all the women’s fashion trends, so we can appreciate your work.

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Mostly footwear.

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I mean, you did have a ravishing pink shirt earlier today.

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Thank you.

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Clearly there’s a darker side of Instagram and social media. Can you speak to some of the are you judged on what you wear, how you post it?

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All the above. Yeah, it definitely can be kind of soul sucking in, to be honest. When I was blogging full time for a good four years, I was shooting six outfits a week and that’s a lot and take hundreds of photos per outfit. And my husband at the time was my photographer and I did all of my editing. And so when you look at yourself over and over in every single photo, you nitpick and you’re like, oh, your arm looks fat, or you just find something to critique about yourself and that becomes very draining. And then when you think about yourself that way, you wonder what other people are perceiving you as and you’re constantly comparison comparing. Everyone is posting a highlight reel, but there’s so much more that happens behind the camera.

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We have Andrew Winkler, who is the general manager of Chief Carriers out of Grand Island, Nebraska. Nice to have you here today, Andrew. Glad to make the road trip down. Appreciate you coming in. Hey, today we’re talking a little bit about some of the misnomers about the trucking industry. And certainly there are a lot of judgments that are made about truckers and haulers and carriers. What you’ve accomplished at chief carriers is nothing short of incredible over the last few years. And I think a lot of people in the industry are starting to look towards chief carriers as a leader in the industry.

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Literally every business, every venture, it’s about people. That’s the foundation. I mean, the gadgets and the gizmos and the technology will change, but there’s always people at the core of it.

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Yeah. And they’re your biggest asset and always will be.

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What’s the biggest challenge right now in the trucking industry? Oh, man. This won’t be a surprise, but drivers and I was talking to someone earlier today about that and you know what? Drivers have been a challenge all 25, 30 years I’ve been in the industry. So it’s not something new, but it’s certainly not getting any easier. And I think what we saw this last year, year and a half with some of the challenges in our country is that a lot of people retired earlier than expected and a lot of times it’s that group of people that really had that unique work ethic that worked well in trucking. So now we’re having to find new ways to reach new drivers. We need to bring in new drivers through technology and show them that there is some glamour back in the trucking industry.

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The Omaha Podcast is brought to you by partnership between 316 Strategy Group and Two Brothers Creative where we are all invested in the strength and success of our local business community. People want to do business with people that they know, like and trust. And podcasting is a way for people to get to know you, to learn about you and for you to connect with people one on one on a very personal, intimate level. And it’s through that companionship that you build trust that is unbreakable and it’s unlike any other format because of that.